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Brief introduction
All of our mini beer brewing equipment adopted acid pickling and passivition whic

ch can remove the welding oxygen and form a protection layer on the tank surface. It makes the brewery equipment with higher accuracy and longer lifetime.

500L beer brewery equipment (SUS304 )

1000L brewery equipment

The details of the brewhouse

500L 1000L industrial fermenter

Product Application

Inner:SS304.TH=3.0mm Outer:SS304.TH=2.0mm Head TH=3.0mm
Insulation: Polyurethane; TH=80mm.
Top Manhole or Side manhole
Glycol Jacket on cone and side Dimple plate: 1.5mm exchange area:2㎡
interior of tank Mechanical polish, inner body polishing ratio
0.4μm; Design pressure 30 psi , using
60 degree cone bottom,cone bottom adopted pressure-bearing design.
Four legs with brace and adjustable bolt;
With necessary fittings and valves

The overall material of the equipment is 304 stainless steel, and the main body of the equipment is guaranteed for 5 years.

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