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Brief introduction
Stainless steel 304 material 1000L 10hl micro beer brewing equipment for sale w

ith cheap price

Shunlong hot sale brewery equipment 1000l brewing machine

1000l brewing machine wildly applied in restaurant, brew pub, hotel and other entainterment place. Designed individually by professional engineer, the contact pipline, cooling machine can be hidened uder the cover of the cabinet for good looking. luxury red copper can be used for decoration. we can also supply you a set of auxiliary machine like filling machine, beer sale machine, capping etc.

We always dedicat to building  the most  perfect performing equipment for our clients for we firmly believe the quality and reputation decides fortune.

Take 500l brewing equipment for reference

500l brewery equipment



Brewhouse-three -vessels:

All stainless steel 304

500 Liters

Brew kettle

- Inner(SUS304)

*External(SUS 304)

500 Liters-

Mash tun/lauter tank


*External(SUS 304) thickness:

500 Liters -



*External(SUS 304) thickness:

500 Liters

Fermenter (6piece)

All stainless steel 304, 2-zone, cone and body insulated-jacketed,    sampling valve, CIP, sprayball, pressure gauge, 60 degree cone

1000 Liters

Glycol Chiller system

Air cooled, heat exchanger, thermostat


Cold Liquor tank

SS Double wall, insulated

1500 liters

Heat exchanger

Plate type

5 m sq

Malt mill

Double-refiner disc

200 kg/h

Semi auto control

Temperature, pressure, control panel, touch screen PLC


Stainless steel

1 t/h


- Clamps, Valves, fittings, hoses, pipes, hand tools, sugar meter, washers, measure tube, sensors


Filling line, capping machine, filtration system,

Stable fermentation tank

Polishing precision up to: Ra0.2µm

Inner(SUS304)thickness: 3.0mm;

External(SUS 304) thickness: 2.0mm;

Cylinder (Oval, SUS304), thickness: 3.0mm.

Insulation: Polyurethane-thickness: 100mm Cooling way: Maitreya plate cooling

Cooling media: glycol water or alcohol water.

Can be equipped with: Cone 75° resist compression design, dripping temperature drop

Sampling method: 1 piece of aseptic sampling valve

Mechanical valves, rotary washing spray balls

temperature display:PT100

cooling control: Square table control, single tank single control. Cooling speed:1°C/H

Product list

home brewing equipment 50l 100l 200l

micro brewery equipment 100l-5000l

larger factory brewery equipment

beer equipment assessories with affordatable price

auxilaries machine like filling line, capping machine, feeding machine etc.


Material: SUS304 :

heating method: steam heating :

Capacity: 1000L :

Control system: Control cabinet; PLC :

Cleaning: CIP :