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Brief introduction
cooling jacket, stable performance, fine polishing

We specialize in designing and manufacturing the beer brewing equipment, including malt equipment, fermenting tanks, and other fitting accessories. We can outfit the whole set of beer equipment with the capacity ranging from50l home brewing equipment to 50T brewery equipment. All the equipment adopt high food grade material ensuring the stable performance.

1.Providing beer production technology, brewing formula and person training service.
2.Providing cost analysis, brew house design, equipment production.

3.Implementation of turnkey projects, equipment, five years free warranty and provide technical 

advisory services for many years.
4.Providing high-quality imported beer production materials, such as barley malt, wheat malt, 

caramel malt, dark malt and hops, etc.
5.Provide other with beer production-related items such as beer kegs, liquor valves, etc.

double welding, fine polishing , cooling jacket: